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  • Aggrandize Ventures Private Limited provides the Software solution for Shipping and Logistics Business which involves NVOCC operation, Freight forwarding, shipping agency business, cargo clearance, Transportation and Warehousing. .
  • Our ERP application ZealIT has been developed by think carefully about clients of all abilities, and we strongly believe in the Principles. Every Shipping & Logistics company wishes to stay ahead or at least on par with its competitors.
  • This is possible only if the businesses have the right strategies and systems in place. Software applications automate and streamline the processes in an organization, thus saving a huge amount of time and cost while increasing efficiency.
  • ZealIT ERP will act as the one stop solution for all your business needs which will help you to effectively work on the day to day task and to have the clear visibility of your business position through user-friendly attractive dashboard & reports.

What is Zealit

Zealit ERP helps businesses of all sizes and in all industries to implement and support with the Software solutions, resulting in a flawless deployment of the technology so you can realize the full benefits of the software and give your company a competitive edge. Our offerings include a wide range of services to provide tailored support and software education delivering cost reduction, reducing risk through the IT lifecycle and enhancing productivity.


We have automated the key problematic area in the industries such as Agency SOA, Cost estimation, complete control on agency activities by bringing them in to the single system, auto registration of terminal invoice, auto downloading of inventory moves through EDI and excel, On time reporting, email alerts , Revenue vs Cost comparison, Online portal for shipment tracking; Rate Request; Booking ; Bill of Lading ;shipping instruction etc.. and lot more to simplify your process.

Freight Forwarding

We have delivered the solution to manage their end to end activity in the system that includes Rate Management, Quotation with profitability, Booking, Bill of lading for LCL and FCL shipment, Container release order, Cargo Arrival notice , Delivery order, Automated emailing for the documents to customer, managing container tracking, Online portal for shipment tracking; Rate Request; Booking ; Bill of Lading ;shipping instruction etc.. clear visibility on sale performance and profitability.

Customs Clearence

ZealIt ERP system is designed to have the complete control on the customs clearance business by fixing the predefined rate and cost for different type of customs clearance service offered, Auto allocation of rate and cost based on the predefined tariff, option to manually add the incidental charges like inspection, scanning etc., you can create the clearance service on top of the NVOCC or Freight Forwarding or shipping agency BL’s which will help you to produce the combined invoice to the customer, clear visibility on revenue vs cost & profitability.

Transport Management

We offer to maintain the route wise rate, cost and fuel quantity which will help to have complete control over all revenue and cost; auto posting the cost related to toll fee, fuel and other cost; visibility to trip wise profitability ; option to merge the multiple transport order to manage the different customer request under one truck, driver maintenance, truck maintenance, spare parts maintenance, store management , Fuel rate management, auto calculation of fuel quantity based on the trip assigned for the truck, clear visibility truck idle time, truck wise profit, trip wise profit and lot more.

Shipping Agency

Our solution helps you to maintain the multiple liner operation, Container tracking can be maintained each liner wise, manage the rate and cost liner wise, option to set the owner for each rate and cost, based on the owner system will auto create the Debit note to the liner, auto calculation of container rentals which includes demurrage, detention and storage, Maintenance of commission agreement liner wise, Auto calculation of commission, email alert, on time reporting , auto downloading of inventory moves through EDI and excel and lot more..

Depot Management

Zealit depot module help to maintain the operations such as Gate Moves, Container Maintenance and Repair, Tracking of Containers, Stores and Spares Control, comprehensive Billing and Documentation, with enhanced Reporting support, Auto calculation of storage and LOLO charges, option to capture the container images before and after repair, stowage maintenance, auto capture of repair tariffs based on the past data, user friendly report & dashboard which helps to have the complete visibility of depot.

Solution to pain points

We carefully analyze the pain points faced by the shipping industries and provide the solution for the same. Some of the case study and solution for the reference.

Case: Automatic Vendor Invoice registration

Problem: NVOCC, Shipping agencies and freight forwarder receives lots of invoices from Terminal, Depot, Slot operator, Liner and container leasing partner for the service received from vendor. It would be tedious process for the business to validate the cost received in the invoice and register the invoice in the system

Impact: Unable to realize the cost on time which will impact the visibility on profitability, unable to bill the incidental charges on time to customer, Major contributor to the pending works backlog.

Solution: Zealit ERP has the option to auto estimate the cost based on the tariff agreed with the vendor and up on receiving the invoices in email system will auto process the invoice received and compare with the estimated cost. If the cost matches with estimate or less, then the estimate then system will auto register the invoice else system will bring the invoice for cost controller’s approval they can verify and approve by the button click which will get register in the system.

Value to the business: This automatic vendor invoice registration process will help the business to realize the cost on time and in case if the cost needs to be re-billed to customer this process will help you to bill the customer on time. Another major value for this process is you don’t require the big team to process the vendor invoice registration.

Case: Credit control

Problem: Most business offers credit period to the customer and it is difficult the monitor the outstanding balance and compare with the credit term agreed with the customer. Also, even for the customer without credit period it is difficult to validate whether the payment has been received from the customer before releasing the shipment or accepting the booking.

Impact: Increase the financial risk

Solution: Zealit ERP has fully functional accounting system which is connected with the operation module. Accounting module has the option to manage the credit terms agreed with the customer, based on this credit term system has the correct validation in place i.e. it will compare the outstanding with agreed credit limit – if the outstanding is within the credit limit then system will allow to proceed further else system will block the process and for the cash customer if the invoice is outstanding it will block the process. However, to handle the exception credit controller with the special rights has the option to bypass this validation by updating the reason.

Value to the business: System level validation on credit will nullify or minimize the financial risk, credit controller will have the complete visibility of the customers financial positions.

Case: Automated Bank Reconciliation

Problem: Business will handle lot of transactions through the banking and it requires more resource to reconcile the bank pass book with the bank ledger. Due to the delay in bank reconciliation activity business owners will not know the clear outstanding position of customers & vendors.

Impact: Affect the cash follow, erroneous bank reconciliation, impact the visibility of payable and receivable outstanding position.

Solution: Zealit ERP auto bank reconciliation process will help to synchronize the daily transactions in bank through excel upload or EDI and based on the transactional details received from the bank pass book it will auto post the expenses/revenue for the bank charges and auto reconcile the accounting ledger with the pass book. In addition to this system will auto email the daily position of each bank with the details of Balance as per Pass Book , Balance as per Accounting Ledger , Reconciled transactions , Open transactions available in pass book and open transactions available in accounting ledger.

Value to the business: Clear visibility on bank position, Simplify the tedious process performed by the accountant, clear visibility on the outstanding position of the customer & vendor.

Case: Protecting the new container from damage due to scrap cargo shipment

Problem: NVOCC handle the scrap cargo will face the problem of damaging the new containers due to incorrect assignment of containers by the depots.

Impact: Result in damage of new containers.

Solution: To protect the new containers from damage, Zealit ERP has the option to assign the grade for each container inventory and assign the allowed grade for the scrap cargo’s. Based on this details Zealit ERP will auto assign the containers for the release order to the depot and to handle the exception scenario of non-availability of allowed grade containers, user with the special access can assign the container manually.

Value to the business: Protecting the new containers from damage.

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